A Hands-On Approach

Players Travel stands behind the casinos we serve with the highest level of personal service and support. Dedicated reservations services, group event escorting, and complete operational facilitation create the ultimate experience for your players and a hassle free execution for your casino team.



Flexible Upgrades

Players Travel knows that the before-and-after experience can be just as important as the event itself. That is why we offer pre- and post-event air and ground transportation, baggage handling, hotel reservations, and many other services to ensure the most seamless and enjoyable experience possible.


The Gaming Industry’s Travel Promotion Company

Players Travel has developed unique travel incentive programs and we are the only agency in the world that focuses exclusively on these types of events. Why would you even consider trusting your most important asset, your top players, to anyone else? Players Travel has proven casino marketing promotions that will increase profits, increase loyalty, heighten prestige, and… we do all of the work for you. You will need our service since this is a complicated event that is better outsourced to casino cruise experts: Our services are unparalleled, our professionalism is unmatched, and our track record is supreme … just ask our clients.

We Have Travel Promotions for all Casino Budgets

Players Travel can quickly design a travel event to fit any casino’s event budget and goals. Our clients range from small local properties to huge, world-famous, mega resorts. No casino is too small to profit from one of our events.

Players Travel Gives You the Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive environment, Casino Marketing Departments are continually “raising the bar.” Attracting new players and keeping your existing players from migrating to the newest destination with their gaming dollars is becoming increasingly difficult. Our travel promotions will enable your Casino Marketing Department to give your players a reward that, if planned properly, will increase their loyalty and gaming activity for the entire year prior to the cruise.

For Single and Cross-Property Marketing

For gaming companies with more than one casino, we have fantastic travel events for cross-property marketing. We also have the ability to adjust our promotions to include table players as well as slot players.

You Decide – We Work

Players Travel’s executives have more than 50 years of combined experience in casino operations and marketing. For more than a decade, we have offered our services to assist casinos in making profitable promotions. We have planned and managed successful casino promotions with results that are unmatched in the industry.



New Meaning to Passenger Processing

When you send players on a casino group travel event, it is very important that they are satisfied with all aspects of the trip. Players Travel has formed partnerships with several ground transportation companies, commercial airlines, and even airports to handle our transportation with a minimum of stress and maximum efficiency.

Private Charter? No Problem.

If you choose private charter air, we will locate an aircraft, negotiate a charter contract, choose private terminals in each city, coordinate the flight departure and arrival times, assign seats, print boarding passes with your casino’s logo, handle all food and beverage for the flight, and handle passenger manifests. Many times, we even arrange for the Transportation Security Administration to meet passengers by the plane so that your players walk straight from the coaches to the plane. Now that is a luxury similar to how the president is travelling!

Commercial Airlines? We’ve Got You Covered.

If you prefer commercial air, we will book your group, inform you of the airline’s group policies, issue the airline tickets, assign the seats, and handle special needs requests.

Groups of Any Size

When Players Travel arranges the transfer and baggage handling for our customers, nothing is left to chance. We make sure that every step of the way is a VIP experience.

Never Left Alone

We provide meet and greet service at casino, airport and cruise terminal and we coordinate the bag pull with your Bell Desk.

Quality Controlled

We charter only the finest motor coaches available to transport your guests and make sure the drivers are well informed as to the schedule so everything moves quickly and smoothly.

Players Feel Like VIPs

Where convenient, we hire separate luggage trucks to transport the baggage and where permitted, we provide staff to handle your guest’s luggage so they don’t have to. We ensure all luggage is tagged properly.

The Best Rates for You

Every year, Players Travel deposits up to $500,000 to pre-book group space when the rates are the lowest. This enables us to offer rates that are often below the cruise line’s rates on these special sailings and allows us to offer true VIP treatment of your players at an affordable price.

The Best for Your Players

Players Travel will assist you with choosing the right ship, itinerary, and date for your property. We handle all policy details when booking your group. Once the cruise is fully deposited, we will obtain the best cabin and dining assignments available and your guests can call Players Travel directly to confirm their cruise bookings. We take care of all passenger information, confirm each passenger, and handle the cruise documents.

Assist You at All Levels of Planning

Although your cruise promotion agreement is between your casino and the cruise line, we will assist you in completing the agreement, customizing the slot mix, getting your players credit lines, planning onboard tournaments, and get your non-solicitation agreement in place.

We Send Your Casino on a Cruise

When you send your top players with Players Travel, they will feel like they are taking your casino with them. Your casino is represented in every stage of the journey, because we know how important your player’s loyalty is to your success.

More Reasons to Play

Your players are flying to other cities and taking exotic vacations. Our program will not take them away from your casino… it will bring your brand to their personal vacation.

Brand Your Promotions

We provide your marketing department with graphic files, logos, photos, etc. to help you market the event on property and build the highest levels of excitement. We make sure that your casino is represented with door signs, posters, invitations, a hospitality desk in the onboard casino and logo’d banners during our group cruise events. We can even have ship casino staff wear your property uniform shirts once during your cruise. This way your players will feel that they are in your casino even in the most exotic places in the world.

Helps You Choose the Promotion

Players Travel can help you plan the type of promotions that will fit the best for your casino’s budget and marketing goals. The type of player is solely based on your goals and priorities and this is where our consultation is important. Is this a reward for your top players, a slot tournament, an earning period, or a traffic builder? Is the experience or the event ROI more important? You decide – we do the work.

We do All the Planning

We provide assistance with planning any of your casino promotion and activities and we will supply all event related information needed for Event Proformas. Once you have chosen a promotion, we will provide you with detailed travel event information packages for your special event personnel, casino hosts, and casino marketing staff.

Let us Secure Your Success

Planning events like ours is time consuming, labor intensive, and very complicated with numerous risks for the inexperienced. If the event is a success, everyone is thrilled. If it is not handled properly it could be a disaster. Our team is dedicated to making your promotion an event your players will never forget – every time!

Great Lifetime Memories

Players Travel understands how valuable your players are to your property so when you partner with us every one of them is treated like gold. They are always reminded that this experience is from you and we make sure that it becomes a memorable event for each one. For groups, we are available to attend your pre-event party to assist with registration, answer all the questions, and get the group excited. You and your guests can also be hosted by an experienced Players Travel casino group escort from your property, for the entire event and back! You are never alone with Players Travel. We enhance the loyalty between players and casino in a number of different ways on our group cruise events, such as:

  • VIP Embarkation and Debarkation
  • Customized Door Plaques
  • Free Drinks in the Casino
  • Private Cocktail Parties and Dinners
  • Private Slot Tournaments and Raffles
  • And more!

We make sure that your casino will receive daily updates of players and play to ensure that all needs between your casino and you VIPs are being met to your absolute satisfaction.

Due to the confidential nature of our promotions and the finances behind them, we cannot disclose the actual figures on our “open” website. Please click on the picture to get the financial information of our profitable promotions from our secure site and we will be happy to assist you with any of your questions.

Our Promotional Events Create Higher Revenue than ANY other event